Here's How Custom Orders Pants! 

The Base Product

1. Decide what you want: Pants, Shirt, Jacket, Accessory

2. white is preferable for the best outcome

These pants have been dyed after designed!

These pants have been dyed after designed!

2018-06-27 12.42.29.jpg

The Design process:

1. Give me FOUR pics you love that will come together like a theme.

2. A color palette (Let Pinterest Help) choose 2 main colors and a contrast (see examples below)

3. Agree on a price

4. Drop off or mail me your piece of clothing  that fits perfectly!


2018-06-22 10.17.27.jpg
2018-06-26 21.14.03.jpg
2018-06-22 10.24.00.jpg
2018-06-26 21.15.01.jpg

Prices starting at: 

Full Jeans Design $300

Shirts (Button-up)

Both Sides $220 |  One Side $155 Jackets

Full Jacket Design $320, 3/4 and Long Jacket Add $385

Get a Quote for Custom Look: We look forward to speaking with you and dying to paint you up something fabulous!

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